The Christian family is a wonderful expression of God’s love

This is a very clear statement of the existence of God the creator of the universe and all within it. We are merely the caretakers of the earth and our fellow man. It reminds me of the weakness of mankind and the supreme goodness, love and mercy of God.

Time & time again God has sent his word to us ,ultimately his only son who being as pure as God was a shining example to us. This message from God is such a powerful one for me – I must listen and heed this very breath of God through Jesus. There is nothing so close for me as the flesh and blood of God’s own son sacrificed for my sins. This is an intimate gift and contact with God.

The Christian Family is a wonderful expression of God’s love and I rejoice at the opportunity to radiate it into the world by thought, world & deed.

Vrouw, 65, St John & St Philip church, Den Haag

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